I’ve moved!!!!

How about I rephrase that my BLOG has moved!!!!

I have FINALLY after long months of working five minutes here, five minutes there finished my self hosted site! (And everyone in my house is singing the Hallelujah Chorus because they are sick of hearing me say “I’ve got to get my website finished!!!”) It was a long time coming and I’m super excited!

And coincidentally it’s JUST in time for Allume!

Alright…maybe not so coincidentally…it was in the plan all along. But I really HAD to move it because I have all these lovely new business cards to pass out and I purposely put the new website address on them.

Because I know how I am.

And if I didn’t I would still be on my back like Michelangelo fifty million years later working on getting it up and running.

So…where is this new site?

Well you can find me here:  http://newequus.com 

So all of you who have subscribed if you want to continue following me, you may need to subscribe again, but I promise this will be the last time! You can subscribe by email or by RSS feed or whatever floats your boat!

This will be my last post on WordPress.com and at https://newequus.wordpress.com. *sniff*

So, what are you waiting for already??? Click on over and check out my new digs!!! http://newequus.com 

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Debates, agendas and Superman.

My daughter asked if we could watch the Presidential debate tonight. I’m sad to say that I would rather watch Chopped on the Food Network. (Does that make me a bad person?) But I relented and so here I sit watching the candidates duke it out so to speak.
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Scared to death: making Jesus my “Everything”.

Today is the day Mary DeMuth‘s new book “Everything” is being released. This is an extremely exciting day for the launch team. It’s what we’ve been working towards and anticipating for the past couple of months.

It’s an especially exciting day for me because I am one of three people on the launch team who’ve been chosen to be the first to write posts for a blog “book tour” that Mary is hosting. Continue reading